Um, not here

Story go bye bye! But no fear, story can be found here. This means that this site probably won't be updated through the month of October, and might be taken down permanently.


Will suck cock for combination of new Green Day CD and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.


Last night, before I went to bed, I thought about really buff men. You know, those guys who spend hours at the gym to add one inch of circumference to their biceps, with the massive shoulders and eerily defined abs.

To be clear, steroids are bad, bad, bad and really freaky looking, but even the naturally crazy big guys kind of scare me off.

Maybe it's that sort of survival conditioning, what the new age considers attractive in response to who will survive in the new technology-based world: the computer geek. I read an article about that once. Full of crap! Crap! Haha. I like healthy, even if it is on the more scrawny side.

Remember, gigantanourmous muscles make your penis look smaller in comparison!

Cleanliness Next to Godliness

I bet you all think you're oh-so-clever when you write things like "Clean Me" in the dust of a hood of a dirty car. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, kiddies, but someone has come up with an even better, and much more clever, message:

The lady who this happened to was pretty angry, and washed it off straight away.

I would have kept it.

Joys of College Life

1: Did I tell you what I did Saturday night?

tangle san: Got shit faced and woke up with your dick stuck in a vacuum cleaner?

1: Close.

tangle san: Aw.

tangle san: Then what?

1: Substitute vacuum cleaner for roommate.

1: And you're right on the money.

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